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My specialties include lifestyle, tech, e-commerce, beauty, health, and travel, and helping clients figure out what to say and how to say it.

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Declutter like a boss hero article

Declutter Like A Boss: 15 Secrets From Professional Organizers

Experts share their top clutter-smashing strategies, so you never have to let clutter take up space in your home, budget, or mind ever again!

Simple cheap 7 all natural recipes for cleaning your home hero article

7 Ingredients That Can Clean (Almost) Anything in Your House

Make the switch from store-bought cleaning products to natural solutions to save money and ditch toxins.

10 ways to detox your sleep space for success 12 29 hero article

10 Ways To Detox Your Sleep Space

Detoxify one of the most important rooms in your home and transform it into the calming retreat it’s meant to be.

Cleaning supplies 11 26 article

Cleaning Tips To Try Before the Holidays

Follow this easy checklist before you pull out holiday decorations, and free up more time for sipping eggnog.

Sneaky storage solutions 11 10 table article

10 Crazy Storage Solutions To Gain More Space

Tame clutter and maximize space with these smart, unexpected solutions.

Adventures in making herbal wreath article

8 Easy Hacks For A Great-Smelling Home

Nothing is better than coming home to an inviting, fresh-smelling space after a long day.

Trulia places to hide stuff article

12 Sneaky Places To Hide Ugly (But Necessary) Everyday Stuff

From organizing overflowing piles of mail to corralling toiletries, these creative solutions will help you declutter every room.

Little things 10 simple updates that make a rental feel like home sink skirt article

Little Things: 10 Small Apartment Design Ideas - Life at Home ...

These 10 little updates will liven up your rental space without compromising your security deposit.

August2015 trulia homes for rent san francisco studio houston tx article

Reality Check: 6 Insanely Cute Homes You Could Rent for the Price of a San Francisco Studio

Just how pricey is San Francisco's rental market, really? Consider these six rentals across the country, all priced at about the going rate of a studio apartment in San Francisco.

July2015 trulia 6 genius new uses for an old swimming pool studio2 article

6 Genius New Uses for an Old Swimming Pool

Before you rule out a home with an out-of-date pool, read these clever ideas for repurposing that old swimming pool.

Katie paper fashion article

11 Unusual Ways to Decorate With String Lights - Trulia's Blog - Life ...

Light up your life with these beautiful, surprising uses for a holiday staple.

House on fire 012716 article

Modern Homes, Faster Fires: 10 Fire Safety Tips For Your New ...

From updating dodgy wiring to fire-resistant siding materials, here’s what to do to keep your home safe.

Goodbye summer sand script beach 081616 hero article

End-Of-Summer Purge: How To Declutter – Life At Home – Trulia Blog

Cleaning isn’t just for spring. As summer winds down, take a few hours to pare down all the things you definitely won’t miss.

May2015 trulia easy hacks for achieving feng shui beautiful kitchen with natural light article

15 Easy Hacks for Achieving Feng Shui - Trulia's Blog - Life at Home

Could proper feng shui in your home improve everything from your sleep to your bank account? As practitioners of the ancient Chinese art tell it — yes...

August2015 trulia the reverse hanger trick and 9 more delcuttering hacks hero article

The Reverse Hanger Trick and 9 More Decluttering Hacks

From general organizing philosophies to specific tricks for tackling common clutter problems, here are our favorite shortcuts for tidying up at home.